RCT Station
RCT: The Game

There are a huge range of colour schemes available through this service. Buttons link to up to five pages in the site, when the site name is clicked, it brings the user back to the home page of the site. Different aspects of the page can be customised to your perfection, you can even components if you wish!


The backgrounds and buttons can be individually customised in some of the following ways: 
Brightened Darkened
Colour change Negative colour change
Sharpened  Gaussian blur
Colour noise  Remove component 


Text in the title and buttons are also fully customisable, it is advised to keep button text reasonably simple:
Brightened Darkened
Colour change Negative colour change
Huge choice of fonts 3D text effects
Shadowed text effects  Halo effects
Texturising Different text 
Flip text Rotated Text

Possible combinations on the design are shown below. If you particularly like one of these schemes, you can base your own site on it.


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